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Little is much when love is in it

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Little is much when love is in it

Love makes a difference

Caregiver burnout is real and so is caregiver guilt. Sometimes we all feel like we have given everything and there’s nothing left of us to give. Taking care of another person can take a serious toll on the caregiver. Many caregivers develop debilitating illnesses from caregiver-related stress and could end up needing homecare themselves while still caring for their loved ones. Learning to manage caregiver guilt and knowing when to take a break for yourself is important to both you (the caregiver) and your loved one.

As fellow caregivers, we understand the stress and guilt that comes with caregiving. We want to encourage you to remember that your efforts count, no matter how small. Remember that that little is much when love is in it. It’s not so much what you are doing but with what attitude you are doing it……. A gentle voice, a smile, a joke, a patient response to the same question umpteen times, an engaging look, a look of interest, a gentle touch/pat, a listening ear….. remember that little is much with love.

Remember that your presence counts and makes a big difference. Remember that little is indeed much when love is in it.


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